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Related article: Date : Fri, 4 June 22, 2010 December 15 -0400 From: nphillydogg aol. com Subject: Closing the Gap -8 BRIDGES -8 Deputy Mackie came back to me my mother 's car, he said awkwardly goodbye before leaving. I knew how to me crazy ( it was committed, and had taken only for the first time in the in a prison cell ), and not really take it personally. I still wanted to see him again, and hoped that I would have another chance with his cock before finally out of town (probably please). I have at home, showered, dressed and long dinner n begin before Dad came home from work. I was a little tired after a long day standing on its feet, but in a good mood and feel of a bustling s bit. Once we got home, I sat in his favorite chair, gave him a beer, he buttoned his pants, then gave him the best blow job of his life s. Dad lay his head on the couch, moaning and groaning in of heat, while working my mouth up and down his rigid penis with expertst accurately. I swallowed the cock of the eggs, beating in my open throat before sucking their way back toward the head. After about 10 oral uninterrupted minute massage, the father finally broke in my mouth, flooding my mouth with his cream. " AARRRHHH... !" he groaned as he came, pumping my mouth full of cum from the that I created. I swallowed my brothers and sisters, and then stood in silence s and went to the kitchen to make dinner until the end. dad walked behind me and looked out the door... "What... ?" I asked him about his innocence. " How did you hear about... ? " he asked with a smile comes, as he crossed his arms n on their beats his wife and looked at me. "I told you... , California... " I said, stupid. " I know... " replied his father, his uniform pants to undo waist. "... That's not what I meant... I mean... why not marry n with a house full of children... ? Any man would be delighted that you have! I \\ \\ n find it hard to believe that someoneand it is beautiful and sexually gifted as You still run silent... " " Now... Maybe it's because the man has never asked for my hand... " I said sheepishly. before Dad could argue, we heard the bell. Dad saw an n bit annoying when he joined his pants and walked out the door... \\ \\ n "Lester... ! "Said Susanne ( the waitress at the restaurant), " How are you... ? I came as soon as I heard ! " " What is... "Dad asked, in shock. " for the arrest of Alex, of course... ! Have not you heard... ? "Said the aging wife and tried desperately to hide behind the makeup wrinkles bad! " arrest... "Dad said, confused. " I do not understand... " " water Margret Bush said Wood, Gail said Sheer, Wilma Sidebottom, n saw the sheriff arrested this afternoon for stealing his wife's car ! S This is the region! " " What... "Dad asked, totally lost. "I know! "Said Susie. " I knew something... , But I never assumed it was to steal an old 30 andHearing old car ! I'm so glad you made ​​your life! They are much better off without them walking around town flaunting her perky breasts big... ! I bet not even true anyway! that s too high and inflexible... It is of course not! " He laughed Suzy Motor mouth. I loved the shit at the expression on her weathered face if I left the kitchen. His mouth open, his eyes upward, , and all the color painted his vampire pale, red-faced as... "Hi Susan... "He said, wiping her hands on a towel. " What brings you of... " " Alex... "She said, startled from his mind. Of course, you informants forgot to tell that I was on parole after only 90 time in jail minutes. " I uh... I, uh... , I... " ", Susan... I do not know who your sources... But I 'm Alex Auto... "Defend Dad comes to my honor, when I went up and blindfolded me arms around his 38 " waist. "She had some errands to do today, while n in the work, and I did not want to be withtaxis throughout the city... " ", but... but... NEVER lets you drive your car to my wife... "He said Susan, looked like someone hit it right through the Guardian Schlich n in the face! is priceless! " Now... "Said his father, his arm protectively around my shoulders (n Suzy would shit bricks ) ".... Alex is more than anyone... "He added : , smiling with pleasure. I could not resist stealing tilts kiss. Suzy winced at the show of affection. " Oh... "Dad said, break the kiss, when reminded Suzy was still there ".... I wants to stay for dinner... ? Alex is cooking... " " No... "Said Suzy ( rational), hateful, as shown in our feelings about the n in front of it (I could see everyone on the face) ".... I have to go back to work... , I'm in the rest... , Doing a double shift tonight! "She said that with a nervous smile n. " Again, maybe... "Dad asked, feeling totally impressed by Suzy to him. " Yes.. , Maybe... "Suzy said, moving awayas fast as Lolitas Toplist his chubby little his legs could carry. "Susanne... Goodbye !" I said sarcastically, closed the door behind her. When I turned, took up arms and kissed her father over again and thanked him for coming to my rescue. We ate then retired to on the couch watching old movies. Dad ignored the requests of other Lolitas Toplist interesting neighbors thought he was in prison, and tries to demolish. We went to the bed at 11 hours after taking a cool shower. Dad went into the bedroom with his soft cock resting between her legs. I had my pussy and oil lubrication, while was in the bathroom, moist and delicious it for him if he sexual. " You know... , praised all the guys at work today... I say that was the hottest girl in town! " " aww... this is sweet ! " I said, knowing all of them would be in their shoes s. " One wonders, what a beautiful young girl, as you would an old man as I... ?" he asked and got into bed. I removed the blanket and took my arms open, and who came to me in it. I spread my legs, which is his body in the middle as n We pulled the covers over us. " say the children at work... this is simply young hot girl crazy for you and that big hard cock between my legs! " I said, kissed his beard the chin. "That's why you're with me... ?" father asked, pulling back. "You're only interest in my body... " He joked and kissed me again. I felt his penis begins to grow between my legs, plump shaft getting fatter, as the blood flowed. I leaned n and maneuvered myself into him always n your hips aligned directly as aimed his erection into my cave mine. Dad sank slowly, taking time to feed my fuck their employees. My eyes widened a little when I was full, his great moving his cock inside me as fast, as stated in I, and started kissing me again. I loved his weight on top of me, weighing me down on the mattress, as he fucked me. Dad slowly slipped hHahn and again for me, took his time I open and try to keep my body to the tail. His tongue dug into s my mouth like a little animal digs a hole. I sucked her wet tongue, the taste of love as his hairy chest against my scratch tits. We have loved for nearly 45 minutes, his body still sweaty n when it came from inside the bathroom of my inner masculine essence. I loved to hear moaning when he arrived, his throbbing cock inside me as , pumped me full of seeds. We slept all night in the arms, the father crouched behind me in the spoon position, and cupped my right tit in his treatment of hand like a lover. The next morning father was taking a shower and before I woke up. I I wanted for breakfast, but was completely out wavy after all the wild sex she had with Nick Mackie, the Sheriff, and dad. When finally woke up, his father was dressed in uniform and ready to leave his guard,. " Do not worry about me, baby... " he said, kissingg me gently on the forehead , losing the ball with his tie. "... I will have something at dinner on the way to work! " ` Dinner... "-. ? I'm still confused... where ' That bitch works," At Lolitas Toplist the time I dragged my ass out of bed, was pope from a distance. I could only Suzy Image n it, the google -eyed as he ate his pancakes! I in the bathroom where he had a good look in the mirror. I examined my face, to ensure that all male weaknesses were my old completely camouflaged face. The last thing I needed to see her father remains the face of her long lost son at his side when he woke up n in the morning. I took my pee in the morning, I took hormone injections (which I always done in my bag under lock and key ), then stepped into the shower for a good cleaning and long. Had to make sure that the shower all the seeds, n in me last night and Dad photo Deputy Mackie when my body had no real possibility of inclusion of viscous liquids like a real womanVagina can. After showering me with my special creams lotion, and then started a the difficult task of applying makeup. It was usually the first rule of thumb conversion - learn " Lolitas Toplist how to apply makeup properly! " A real woman always be wrong as a man, as long as they have the right to \\ \\ n credentials between the legs... , But the real trick is to find a man, be the n believable as a woman in what is essentially like that of a man known to go World. If I could do it successfully, it was practically a ticket to walk! Sometimes it was shameful how stupid men before getting a good is large, think more with their tails instead of their brains. He about with my makeup done, when I hear the phone ring. believe that it could to be a father, who came a... " Hello... " sexy voice said Nicolas Cartwright, in his usual cocky tone. I could almost hear him smiling at me over the phone. "How do you get this number... " I asked suspiciously. "Really... ?" to asked with a quiet smile. N " This is a small town... , everyone has a number of the world around here !... Also, I used to be friends with Mr. Wilcox son, Alex... " " really... " I asked skeptically. "Somehow I find it hard to believe that really could be friends... " "... Well, friends can be a strong word... " Nick revoked. "We were s... rather, friends willing ! " " Ready... ?" I asked curiously. "What kind of agreement you have... ?" I asked. Nicholas laughed... "... Well, Alex was gay... and that almost anything to be a friend of my s... ", he admitted, thought Alex (the girl ) could not find his story \\ \\ n fascinating. "... Really? " I asked and tried to sound funny. " What makes... ?" " I did not do... !" Nick defended. "... But he was hung... almost Suck My Dick... me !" laughed, what a thrill before my spine. "He was a Wimpy Kid, who clung to me like a lost puppy, I knew I that only gay in the way it is for me... how could photograph you naked or something... " immediate flirting Nicolas No memories of my football field while the formation of his mind was, watching him score touchdowns and throw passes and wish I could be more than a friend to be. I agreement. s the first time I tasted cock, sucking until her mouth filled with your first contact with s of sperm at the time was that he felt his cock pulse addicted the mouth - pump me full of fresh coil. ", and so took his love... "I asked, feeling betrayed. " Believe me, as Gay loved it! "Nick said, confidently. " But you understand... So what do you do that ? " I asked, knowing full well questioned his manhood would have under your skin. " Hey, I was 15 years and have always sucked my cock royalty... ! Do you know how teenager, dass.. ? "Kill, defended. " It was difficult to find a girls that are in that age at that time... ? But when I go girls, who left... " " used... "IHe said angrily, the memories flooding back, as if s all happened yesterday. " She let him suck you and your friends to not need it anymore, you're a pig, Nick is! " N "She could not believe it yesterday when you were kneeling in my office, of the same make, "said Nick " I'm a girl... I like ! "I argued. "You are... " I said by telephone. "Use what you do.. " " winter clothes and a wool coat ! " I lied, standing in her bra and panties. " Lair" he said. "What if I told you I loved you back to see... " "I'm with Lester, do you remember ?" I remembered him. " Yes, and I am married... So what... " I asked, me down. "Is he home... " " Yes," I sign. " No, it is... " I said correctly ".... is not your car on the street... " " uh... ? So what are you doing... I Spy... " I asked, running to see the window. Looking through the blinds, I saw a strange car Lolitas Toplist parked on the path that is sitting there on a mobile phone.. "IsThat stalking me... ? "N " I want to finish what we started yesterday! "He said that out of the car , your cell phone to his ear. " If you think that has been with just sucking cock... , You are sadly mistaken... "He added, walking the driveway. I found the room to finish getting madeup... " I will not let you go.. "I said, applying my lipstick stain. N " Do not worry... I know how in... "He said and hung up. I knew At first I did not understand what you meant, then I remembered how s is used to sneak into climb the ivy on the outer wall of the house in my room at the end of the night I wanted some ass. I just got in my silk robe, like the sound of something falling most listened to my ​​old room. my heart raced a mile minute, when I was in was doorway looking down the hall. I heard the sound of a lamp crashing to the ground , and then saw the handle of the door again when Nick came into the hall ". It's not as easy as it was when I was 15... ! "said, from to me. " Stay where you are... " I said, stepping back, when my robe opened n reveal my perfect body and face Victoria Secrets scupltured inside. I could see, Nick begins to foam at the mouth as he looked at my beautiful body. " If you touch me I'll scream... " n "I will make you scream !" Reported, entered the bedroom, while I found myself back in bed. I saw Nicolas ( my childhood crush n) started making the tie undone. "Tell me, loves me not... " he said, binding launch the ground when I saw in my eyes knowingly. Could to see how we would for my soul ! "... You tell me and I go out... I'll turn around and take my hard cock back to work... ! What you want to Are you... ?" " What about your wife... " I gasped when he began to resolve belt and pants. " I'm sure you do not like to share... " "... Who knows?" He asked, letting his pants fall to the ground. Could see his erection pressing the frontunderpants. I unconsciously licked my lips, and imagine your cock in my mouth. "You look hunger... " he said, and pulled his cock out of his separation from his pants. "... Why not come to get an idea... " Spellbound, I got up to walk on it when suddenly I heard me dry. "No... " he said firmly. Tracking "...... knees! " flashing back to my childhood, I was on my knees and crawled n cock standing stiffly Nick without any willpower of my own s. He stood there and looked at me smugly that I crawled towards him, then my ​​lipstick stretched to take in the magnificent tail. But as I was is about to wrap, removed the tail nick. "What is the magic word... " he asked, looking at me. "Please... " I asked, he looked and looked alternately at his cock his cruel eyes. " Beg For It ! " I asked, move it, as it bobbed up and down in front of me. could not believe it. Here I was, a beautiful woman (maybe the girl most beautiful of the city),and here I am, so Nick Cartwright to treat me as if it was still a thin face grain queer smell his jockstrap in school lockers, hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock! " Pleeeesssseeee... I can have... " I asked, pouting sexy. " Why... ?" he asked, holding the tail of me. I saw pre -cum and begin to form at the tip, indicating that he, excited as me. " Cause I'm a dirty little bastard... " I said with a sad face. Nicolas smiled and then offered me his cock, with the objective in the face s. I took it with grace between my lips, sucking honorably discharged from the the head. " This is a good girl... " she said as she savored the taste of your pre - cum. "Suck My Cock... for me... that is good and hard, so you can use in which there is very pink pussy... Lolitas Toplist you ! " I blushed as he took over his cock my mouth. I shook my the head back and forth, dragging my lips up and down the length n before taking in my throat. "Awww you're a good cock sucker... !"He sighed, grabbing two handfuls of my hair when I pressed her nose in his pubic hair hair. I felt his cock stuck in the throat, and he shot to the outside Space by its circumference. Nick my head for a few seconds before relax its control and allows me to turn back. I slowly dragged my lips return to the head, and then sucks feverishly around the head. " Enough of this shit... " he said, pulling me up off the floor, as he threw I go back to bed. With my robe open, my legs spread instinctively falling in the knee. Pulling my panties threshold down my exposure the lips, licked her face buried in my snatch me then, artificial taste my pussy for the first time. " Oh God... " I complained when you've eaten alive. The thought of the mouth Nicolas Cartwright on me (pleasure myself), was enough for me anal orgasm. My legs were shaking uncontrolably when I arrived, my body and stiffness in response to an orgasm, could not physically produce. looked windown to see, Nick looked at me, his face half buried by at the hill of neatly trimmed pubic hair. He stared at me while I ate see my every move, to get to and pinched her nipples and prefer full erect. I was in heaven watching Nick Cartwright eat pussy. all n during our teenage years he was a service that was on my knee with my mouth and ass to please. Now (finally ), it was his turn I like, and their tongue and mouth with the talent to do just that! Nick apparently liked to eat pussy. He sucked and bit my lips to stain the saliva dripping from inside and outside, then it is climbed on top of me and ready for his big 8 "cock up my pussy and n vi Down On Me ". I've been waiting for this moment since I saw Paseo bar... "He said, pushing his cock inside me. I bit lips as his cock slipped, falling all the way to his hairy balls. Nick pelvic floor me, his tail like the floor of my pussy , bask in the name of my flexibility vagina. I spread my legs wider to give better access. Nicolas fully defined me, the rest his bare chest against my chest, I kiss and suck at the same time began the crook of my neck. I felt his cock move through me when he began to away by the fucking me hard and rough, as if he was late for work s, her tongue was buried deep in my mouth. I was French kissing Nicolas Cartwright, the boy confessed that the love I have for many years n For nearly 10 minutes I took Nicholas and buried his cock again and over again while pumped their way through the vagina with increasing roughness. I like breathlessly exclaimed aloud, as heard most men, girls moan. Nick was no exception , as he looked from me, saw my tits bouncing and done, and saw his cock disappear in my boot. felt every hit, point, and he fucked my pussy came with deep hard strokes repetitive. Again and again he hit me, my cup of juice n your pre -cum. timeAlly was going to take, just for me to suck his dick for a while before they slipped back into me. The more I took all the more than I wanted to feel what the man exploded in my Lolitas Toplist pussy. After all my money invested to change sex, I'm screwed further compliance with the ass n. The last time Nick pulled his cock from me, I begged him to fuck my ​​ass. " Do you want to take the ass... " he asked, looking surprised. "It really is a monster, huh.. ?" He laughed, said for me to shoot in her womb. "I always wanted to take a a girl in the ass... " he admitted, as he put on me and rubbed the length of the tail up and down in the valley of ass crack. "... However, no girl n ever leave me... !" n "I will! " I offered, my bottom in the air atmosphere. Nick pulled his cock parted my ass cheeks, then buried his face in my ass and lick my boy - hole ( the only part of my body that no n by doctors to change). Almost jumped out of my skinas its tongue in my body the most sensitive area is perforated. Nick ate the same ass to fuck before as a child. He was not eating ass Alexandra, that ate Alex. He wiped my anus with saliva, which lubricates completely before in order to cock back into my hole. I was reminded of all the times I had in my own bed at night and was in the early hours in the morning with Nick n ( or his brother Pete) remains in me and their hands over the mouth, so I do not much noise and waking my ​​father down the aisle as she caught me. I reminded myself deeply moved palms of his hands as he humped away from me, give me every inch of his Dick Teen, while I fuck her until she came into my ass. Now Nick was the head of cock in the ass to kiss. I was to increase the impression , when it began to penetrate me. I relaxed my muscles anal n, that allows safe passage in my rectum. When the head entered me, I n tighten again, pulled the spot axis as it is moreleadership by. " Oooohhh feel so good... yeah!" She wailed, his face behind the back of my head, as he sank his big cock in me completely. Nick lay down on my bare back as she took my backpack in two strong hands full my tits. I could feel the pressure and bothered them, dropping his pelvis into my soft hairy ass. Gradually he was began to fuck me, withdrew his cock buried to collect, then press a all back to the vagina in me. I loved the way that his penis was in my pussy anal, brings back Lolitas Toplist the old days, when two old friends n to become one. Nicholas pushed his face close to me as I breathed in my ear, and kissed me on the side of the face and neck. While still a little rough, , was much more delicate with me when we were young he was. There were n always fucked me, as if to prove something, as if he had mastered. that never love, you just caught me, but it seemed fine. I was nothing for him , but a hole fit, something for him Lolitas Toplist andhis brother in the field until the arrival of true friends. But now it was a different story. Now I'm n Only Nick felt his cock pumping through me, but I felt his hands pull on my tits and play with my clit. I felt his lips a kiss on the cheek and neck s, his tongue into my mouth and body in ways you never did when n to a child. I arch my upper body out of bed to tilt my head back and side kiss. Nicholas knew what he wanted, as he stretched his neck to take in order to me. Our lips met again, as he slid his tongue in my mouth again while he fucked me. His hands squeezed my chest, and what my Hard Rock sensitive nipples with desire. I have my ass cheeks every time Nick push through it, what my anal muscles and massage milk may be pushrod. Nick moaned into my mouth, as he quickened his pace, his collisions was more difficult the work of breathing. I started to push my ​​ass against him, his cock fucking my ass and milking the shaft in the assHole. I could hear, Nick began to take air while doubling n their efforts. He slammed his hips in the ass than a dozen times, I gives the total length of his staff before his cock, finally exploded in my ​​heart. " AAARRRRHHHHGGGG... !" he shouted at the top of his lungs while shooting n After the ball thick hot cream shot straight into my ass. " Oh, my God... Oh God... ! Sorry... !... Sorry !" I gasped kisses her mouth twitched and throbbed violently as his cock inside from me. I I felt my rectum always fresh with its load is pumped out of the flood of big sloppy flooding my tail straight through like blobs cooked juice. Nicolas fell slightly against my back, touching the lips even when we breathe in each other's breathing. I could still feel his throbbing cock n to me, when to hit my second orgasm anal. N all together at once, my ass cheeks , locked catching a wild pitch that my cock began to milk her anus vibrating shaft and pulled out the last drop Lolitas Toplist of his semen in my anal muscles sucked it dry. I 'm sitting on the bed with Nick, however, to me. We laid there for several minutes, his cock slowly dying in my n heartbeat against my back. "That was great... " he finally said after a long silence. "... but I in the office, appeared unexpectedly before my wife! Have" n " She does that often makes them... ?" I asked, taking off his soft cock n and for me. " Now that you've seen in my office!" , Joked in search of clothes scattered on the floor. " suspected what... yesterday? " I asked curiously, rolling over on the back. Nick was looking at my perfect body, his eyes fell on my fat tits and trimmed pussy. I knew he wanted more! "In any case," he said, as if reading my thoughts. "What woman would not guess sometime after a mysterious beautiful woman leaves her husband office s... ?" he asked, fell into his shorts and pants. "But it... worry about Donna, I havewhere I want it! " " Ah, yes... and which give... "I asked, sitting beside the bed " wrapped around my little finger... "Nick boasted, as cocky as never ".... I'm exactly where to put a... "And he added with a smile. " Oh, I think so, eh... " I asked him off by his arrogance. " I know it well, " he said confidently, walk on me after throwing in his shirt. Without a word, grabbed a handful of my time blonde hair ( pulled back her head ), and then I kissed her lips. a despite my initial anger with his arrogance, I felt my body melt when they tongue loose again my mouth. Nick takes a minute kiss me, then broke the kiss, since n and I smiled back, that confidence has always to do his will. in an instant ( and soon ) ! was dressed n in the door, and promises that will not be the last time I saw ___________________________ Posted by :. Marvin Eugene also known as aol co NPhillydoggm or hit me on facebook update my stories.
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